Specialty Classes


Benefits of Specialty Group Classes

 * You register, reserving your spot, so no need to arrive early to make sure you get in.

* Same group of people for all classes so sessions are designed for YOU.

* You pay and commit, so those days you don't feel like coming it helps give you a little more motivation to show up as you loose $ if you don't!

* Limited number of people so there's always room to move.


Yoga Nidra

One hour class; 15 minutes of floor gentle range of movement poses then 45 minutes of yoga nidra: lying, guided deep relaxation.

Wednesday Feb 6


Includes take home audio yoga Nidra practice!

Bring your own mat if you have one, your favorite blanky and eye bag :)

Register to save your spot!

Email: yoga@shaw.ca

$16 or one punch on your punchcard/class


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Heart Focused Yoga Nidra by Penny

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