Self Care

These talk sessions can be whatever you need to feel better in your life. Creating nutrition and sleep patterns, managing stress and pain, planning for more social time or more alone time, meditation practices ... etc. etc. 

Living your unique, fulfilling life, flowing with the ups and downs, grounded in health and happiness.

Coaching sessions can be in person or online on your smartphone, ipad or laptop via skpe or facetime wherever you are, with no travel time and in the comfort of your on home/office.

We plan how to pay our bills, to get to work on time ... when do we plan for our happiness in day to day life? Make some time now if you're interested in a forward focused, mindful way of exploring your true potential!

Sometimes we just need time to talk, flesh things out and be heard by an unjudgemental, compassionate, confidential listener.

Feel supported through anxiety, anger and depression, grief and loss, insomnia, relationships, seniors support, life/career transitions, transitioning into retirement, self-care, self-growth & health management, spirituality. Learn and apply easy and effective tools you can use throughout your life.

45 min sessions $65  or   60 min sessions $75

'I have been seeing Penny on and off for over 10 years. She helped me though the sudden death of my father and then a difficult pregnancy. The video chat was so helpful the days I couldn't leave the house. I would go from feeling like a crazy, sleep deprived, lunatic to feeling like myself again! When my daughter is older I'm sure she will thank her!' - Nadine, Qualicum Beach,BC

Unlimited e-talk

Emotions can't be scheduled ... so when something comes up for you email or text me when you feel like it.

Especially useful for times you know are going to be stressful or challenging for you; waiting for test results, travelling & holidays, retirement, anniversaries of loved ones passing/birthdays, pre-post operation, Christmas, one of your kids or adult kids going through hard times ...

'My talk sessions with Penny kept me going while I was the sole caregiver for my mother. Then when it was too much for me and I had to move her into full time care, having Penny just a text away was so supportive.'- Robert, Lanzville BC

$25/week, $50/2 weeks or $100/month

Self Care sessions

If you are unable to give 24hrs notice to any changes to your appointment time or do not arrive within 15mins of your scheduled start time you will be charged the full session and your payment will contribute towards a pro-bono client. Thank you.


FitnFun4Life Program

Being fit and healthy isn't a fad or the latest diet or something you quit when you reach your goal weight. Fit&Fun4Life is a life enhancement plan that you can enjoy now.

With this adaptable program you can live your life happily through all the up and downs, illness and injuries, stress and busyness, by learning some Self Care techniques that keep you living long, healthy and happy!

33 Day Practice

You can start and restart the program anytime you feel ready for 33 days!

33 Minutes of Exercise/day: walking, biking, running, swimming, weight training, kick boxing, rowing, flow yoga - anything that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping! You can do more than 33 minutes, but use the 33 mins as a minimum to get you going.

33 Minutes of Self Care/day: 10 minutes meditation & 20 min bath, or 33 minutes of anything you enjoy that replenishes you; mindful gardening, taking the kids-grandkids to the bumper boats, browsing through a plant nursery, hiking a new place with your dog, trying a new recipe, 10 minutes tapping & a 20 min nap, taking the latest edition of your fav magazine to the park for a read, more exercise, playing a game of cards with a friend, getting a massage, 30 mins at the driving range, sexy time (wink wink nudge nudge!), meeting a friend for coffee, volunteering, a self pedicure, writing in your journal.

'The strength of "Fit & Fun 4 Life" is that it is doable even when you have a serious, chronic health problem.  I was pleased to reach the 33 days and will certainly carry-on as it is just a way of healthy living.  I appreciated Penny's encouragement especially on the days I was struggling.' Eileen - Parkvsille

1 Light Day/week: have only liquid for 24hrs. Green tea, coffee, tea, herbal teas, water, hot water, lemon water, broth soups, miso soup. If you really have to eat something have a handful of nuts or/and boiled egg. I've been doing to give my digestive system a 'rest day' since 2005 when I was finally diagnosided with Celiac Disease, but it has also been recommended on the Dr. Oz Show. If one day/week seems to too daunting, try one day every 2 weeks or 4 weeks or start with with just light broth soup for dinner once a week instead of your usual dinner. You can also try intermittent fasting. Even just try going a couple of extra hours between meals.

Keep a Daily Journal: * Take a few pages at the front of your journal and brainstorm a list of everything you can do for Self Care. Things you love do to that benefit your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

*Write down what exercise you do each day and what Self Care you do and how much water you drank. If your are focusing on nutrition, record everything you ate.

*Jot down anything that stressed you, made you mad, sad or anxious today.

*Jot down anything your mouth said Yes to today but your body said No.

*Finish with writing down at least 5 things you enjoyed about today, everything fun and relaxing and made you laugh... a new joke ...

*Take Pictures of yourself in a favourite outfit that's a bit tight right now

*Video yourself doing a sun salutation or a few of your least favorite poses, and/or your golf swing - anything you want to see and feel improve!

*Weigh yourself with Body % fat scale if you have one

*Measure your chest, bellybutton, hips and each thigh around the largest circumference

Answer the following questions in your journal: 

1. On average my daily energy level is ____/10 (10 being highest, 1 being lowest)

2. I feel confident _______% of the day

3. I feel content and peaceful ______% of the day

4. I feel I make good decisions ______% of the time

5. What I most appreciate about myself is ______________________________

6. My mind feels clear and focused _______% of the time

7. I feel safe _______ % of the day

8. I drink ______ glasses of water/day

9. I sleep ______hrs/night and my sleep is _____________

10. I make good nutrition choices _______ % of the time

*Answer these questions again and take photos at the end of your 33 days!

If you need support through your FitnFun4Life 33 days you can sign up for the 4 week Unlimited E-Talk and email or text me along your way with anything that comes up for you.


Text: 250. 240 flow 

Then keep going! You can work around injuries, illnesses and holidays and life ... see me if you need help adjusting your plan around your life.

 'BTW, thank you Penny for your teachings. You and yoga are my constant silent support - I have concrete proof of that this week. I went to the Dr to have my blood pressure prescription renewed. I've been on a low dose medication for over 10 years and he looked at my readings and took me off medication all together as a trial for a month because the readings were so low. Go figure - the most stressful year ever but apparently my body is finding ways to cope. Due to my husbands serious illness this year, I haven't been able to stick to the Fit&Fun4Life plan all the time - but it obviously still helped! Thank you!' - Wendy, Parksville

Live young and love everyday!