Personal Yoga & Fitness


*** Sorry. Not currently accepting new clients ***

Book a one on one workout session weekly/bi-weekly or monthly to have a great workout with guidance and motivation. Establish, maintain and improve your short term and long term health.

Book a session every 6-8 weeks to change up your home fitness/yoga program and keep seeing and feeling results through all phases of life!


We cover your overall physical and mental well-being, strength conditioning, balance and flexibility and your specific health concerns and set up a program you like to follow at home. 

'I started one on one classes with Penny after my doctor told me if I didn't start moving more I would have to get back surgery. My back got better - no surgery, I'm golfing 3-4 times a week and still doing yoga everyday and once a week with Penny; 12 years later! ' - Bob, Fairwinds

Private, personal classes are for you if you prefer one on one attention instead of group classes, times that suit your schedule, or have specific needs that cannot be addressed in a drop in class.

Benefit from Pennys 3 decades in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor and personal trainer with the combination of the ancient wisdom of yoga.


One on One sessions can be booked weekdays

between 9am - 7pm

Home/ Hotel/ Office Visits available in the Oceanside area!


Yoga Gym can also be used in Personal sessions

Bring your other half, sister, friend, dad for

partner classes!


45 min session $65        60 mins $75

*for home/hotel/office visits + $30

If you are unable to give 24hr notice to any changes to your appointment time you will be charged for the full session and your payment will sponsor a pro bono client. Thank you