In Office & In Home Yoga & Meditation


I can come to you and your staff in office and you can have 'Refresh & Recharge' yoga and/or meditation.

In Spring and Summer months you can also arrange to enjoy a class outside in nature for even more benefit!

Helping your staff and co-workers create and maintain healthy habits increases productivity, sense of job satisfaction and enjoyment and decreases sick days!

Single and 2 people/hour: $75 or 4 hour sessions $280
Small groups 3 - 5 people/hour: $85
Groups 6 - 11 people/hour: $95
Groups 12 - 20 people/hour: $125 

*all prices include tax    

* 3 days cancellation policy on group bookings  

* For on location, not in studio add $30

Book an in home/hotel

session for your family & friends

Adaptable yoga and meditation for all ages and levels depending on your group.

Same rates as listed above