Drop In Classes



Benefits of Drop In Classes

* No need to register, just arrive 10 minutes early

* Great for shift workers or busy lives ... you come to which ever class suits your schedule that day/week.

* You purchase a 3, 5 or 10 class punch card which you have 12 weeks to use at any of the drop in classes so LOTS of time and LOTS of options. 

Nov - Dec 2018

Drop In Classes

            Mondays 4pm All Levels Gentle Yoga

              Tuesdays 10:30am Yin/Restorative

                               4:30pm Yoga Bootcamp

              Thursdays 9:30am Flow Yoga

                            5:45pm Yin/Restorative

* Studio Closed Dec 23 - Jan 1 *

Please park on driveway or if full, at Foster Park

Please bring your own mat if you have one

Refrain from wearing scented perfumes, lotions & hair products

Please use your time as a digital detox and put your phone in airplane mode and if you are on call please put on vibrate only

Studio open 15 minutes before classes so you come & settle in

All drop in sessions are 70 mins


Which class is right for me?

All levels Gentle Yoga: Great for Every Body including beginners or if you have conditions/injuries. We do a little of everything: balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, mindfulness and pranyama (breathing). Various forms/levels of the poses shown so you can adapt for your level and always finishing with deep relaxation.

Flow Yoga: A great workout and stretch in one class. Great for fit beginners (already doing 30-60mins exercise daily). We improve and maintain posture, balance, strength, alignment, co-ordination, flexibility & overall health and wellness. This is a flowing yoga class and you must be able to bear weight on the hands and do Sun Salutations; practice here 

Yin/Restorative: A quiet, meditative, all over full body stretch for EVERY body focusing on maintaining and increasing flexibility and decreasing the effects of daily stressors. We also include some self care yoga therapy techniques such as self massage, resistance stretching, nerve gliding, yoga nidra and more. Excellent for the nerves, joints, connective tissues, muscles & mind! Beginners Welcome! Must be able to get on the floor.

Yoga Bootcamp: Sweat, sculpt and stretch! We use the resistance bands for strengthening and toning, we do HIIT interval training for cardio bursts and of course stretching and relaxing at the end. Must be able to bear weight on the hands and wrists (down dogs & planks!)

All Classes are adaptable for everyone present and various options given so you can do what's best for you. Meditation, breath work, mindfulness, selfcare and yoga philosphy for healthy living are infused in all classes so you leave feeling youthified, better and brighter!

* Drop In $16 * 3 Classes $45 * 5 Classes $75 * 10 Classes $125 *

Payment by cash or cheque at your next class or paypal below

*** Special for people who come to 2 or 3 classes/week or households with 2 or more people coming to classes: 20 Classes $225 ***

Punch cards have 3 month expiry

Drop In Classes

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