Assisted Yoga & Massage



Assisted Yoga (Yoga Therapy) is a combination of aided stretches, movement, massage and talk to bring the mind, body and spirit back into balance. We look at the whole picture: pranyama (breathing), posture, areas of over use and under use, balance, co-ordination, range of motion and lifestyle factors: stress levels, nutrition, sleep, and mindset. 

Through hands on methods such as myofascial release and active release techniques we mobilize areas of limited mobility and stretch and release connective tissues and strengthen areas of weakness and instabilty through muscle conditioning.

Excellent for maintaining and improving overall flexibilty for life in general and especially to balance out and improve those activities you do often or want to do more with no pain: golfing, cycling, running etc.


Assisted Yoga (Thai Yoga Massage) is a combination of manual and talk therapy on floor mats or on the massage table, fully dressed in loose comfortable clothing designed just for you and what you need that day. You leave feeling fully recharged, aligned and relaxed! 


The Yoga Gym can also be used in One on One sessions for a challenging full body workout and/or rejuvenating, anti-aging inversions and flexibilty.

Book the 'Ultimate' Self Care package: a 1.5hr session with gentle inversions on the yoga swing, a thai yoga massage on mats on the floor, then a warm oil back & neck massage on the massage table ... ahhhh 

Assisted Yoga & Relaxation Massage can be booked week days between 9am - 7pm & some Saturdays

For home visits in the Parksville Qualicum area add $30


If you are unable to give 48 hrs notice for any changes to your appointment time or do not arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled start time you will be charged the full session and your payment will contribute towards a Pro Bono Client :)


45 min session $65  *  60 mins $75  *  90 mins $95

4 x 45mins $250  *  4 x 60mins $285  *  4 x 90mins $370

* 4 session blocks must be used within 4 months.

Payment by cash or cheque at your next session or on paypal button below, or direct paypal send money or e-transfer.

Massage & Yoga Therapy


* I do offer probono sessions. If you can't offer the regular rates right now, let me know what you can offer and we'll go from there. *

Recommended Reading: 

The Divided Mind, The epidemic of MindBody Disorders - John E. Sarno M.D.

Healing Back Pain  - Dr. J. E. Sarno

To be or not to be ...pain free. The Mind-Body Syndrome - Marc Sopher, M.D.

The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

The Cure Within - Anne Harrington

The Open Focus Brain - Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins

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