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July is the last month of drop in yoga classes! Make the most of it and join in as many classes as you can!

See 'Drop In Classes' page for times!

Private/ small group sessions, yoga therapy and massages will continue as usual


Sore Neck? Try this


Please use your  time at the studio as a rejuvenating digital detox! Make sure your phone is in airplane mode :)




Penny has been sharing yoga, therapeutic yoga, fitness & nutrition, meditation, energy balancing, massage & life coaching for over 25 years now. This experience enables her to share the benefits and make them accessible for everyone of all ages and stages of life, and elevate all levels of mental, physical and spiritual fitness so you FEEL BETTER!

Sciatic Pain? Try this 4 minute video

Penny McGuire is a registered and long standing member of the

Canadian Yoga Alliance RYT 500+ hrs 

You are never to old to start yoga!

See below for study done with people ages 65-90 who all experienced pain reduction, more energy, increased mobilty and function and decreased symptoms of depression by doing a one hour yoga class/week. The full results of the study can be found at: